The Ford-Kavanaugh hearing and the angry politics of now

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Kavanaugh would be the Trumpiest Supreme Court Justice. The confirmation of Trumpism: The accusations against Brett Kavanaugh — and his conspiratorial, partisan response — have made him a fitting champion for the party of Trump. With Brett Kavanaugh, as with Donald Trump, conservatives defend a tainted nominee. Thread: “The GOP effort to slam through the Kavanaugh nomination is a flashpoint because it reveals the essence of today’s GOP”. The collapse of modern conservatism came out most clearly in Kavanaugh’s own testimony — its self-pity, its hysteria, its conjuring up of conspiracies, its vindictiveness.

“If they can, they will”: The Ford-Kavanaugh hearing and the angry politics of now. The roots of male rage, on show at the Kavanaugh hearing. Kavanaugh is the face of American male rage. Entitlements: Days of rage in the bastions of male privilege. The Ford-Kavanaugh hearings will be remembered as a grotesque display of patriarchal resentment. Lindsey Graham, Brett Kavanaugh, and the unleashing of white male backlash. Brett Kavanaugh and America’s insistence on white male virtue. HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO BRETT KAVANAUGH? Brett Kavanaugh discovers the unfairness of the world. Mediocre white man falls apart and is promptly put back together.

It’s not just the sexual assault allegations: Brett Kavanaugh’s contempt for women is a defining characteristic of his ideology — and the political movement that groomed him. How Republicans stole #MeToo: They’re speaking the movement’s language, but in defense of Brett Kavanaugh. Do Republican women support Kavanaugh? How to talk to the women in your life right now. Kavanaugh’s explosive behavior wouldn’t be tolerated if it came from a woman. Fury is a political weapon — and women need to wield it: What the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh showed us about who gets to be angry in public. America is finally listening to women — it’s sparking a national crisis.