What social science can tell us

Mario Coccia (CNR): An Introduction to the Methods of Inquiry in Social Sciences. Katherine Hawley (St. Andrews): Social Science as a Guide to Social Metaphysics? Philippe Mongin (CNRS): Analytic Narratives: What They Are and How They Contribute to Historical Explanation. Dana Phillips (York): Ishaq v Canada: “Social Science Facts” in Feminist Interventions. Jonathan Feingold and Evelyn Carter (UCLA): Eyes Wide Open: What Social Science Can Tell Us About the Supreme Court’s Use of Social Science. What does it mean to do good archaeological interpretation? The introduction to How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions by Damon Centola.

Alexander Wuttke (Mannheim): Why Too Many Political Science Findings Cannot Be Trusted and What We Can Do About It: Assessing, Explaining and Improving the Credibility of Our Discipline’s Evidence Base. Online bettors can sniff out weak psychology studies — so why can’t the journals that publish them? Researchers replicate just 13 of 21 social science experiments published in top journals. More social science studies just failed to replicate — here’s why this is good.

Thomas Talhelm (Chicago) and Shigehiro Oishi (Virginia): Culture and Ecology (“Ecological psychology has boomed from a rare form of psychology to a flourishing field, including psychologists, sociologists, and economists”.) Seth Masket on the crisis in political science education. The introduction to The Decisionist Imagination: Sovereignty, Social Science and Democracy in the 20th Century, ed. Daniel Bessner and Nicolas Guilhot.