The Democratic 2020 race

How early voting could turn the Democratic 2020 race on its head. Inside Bernie Sanders’s head: The discussion the most popular democratic socialist in America is having over his political future (and more). With glut of 2020 candidates, progressive Democrats need to get their act together. Is Kamala Harris the new face of the Democratic party? Katha Pollitt on how the great electoral opportunity of 2020 is not in converting Trump voters — it’s motivating the large numbers of Americans who don’t vote at all. Dan Pfeiffer on the case for Beto O’Rourke. Senate is a breeding ground for President Donald Trump's 2020 election challengers, including Sherrod Brown. The Kirsten Gillibrand saga highlights exactly what’s wrong with the Democratic Party.

Why the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee will tell a story of inclusion. Adam K. Raymond on Kamala Harris’s decision, Sherrod Brown’s haircut, and other 2020 tidbits. Nancy LeTourneau on why Beto O’Rourke shouldn’t run for president in 2020. Democrats blame Kirsten Gillibrand for Al Franken’s fall — they should be thanking her. To win in 2020, Democrats need a young nominee. Black women decided the 2016 Democratic nominee — they’ll have an even bigger say in 2020. Here are 2020 candidates the Internet is already exhausted by.