Far more time

Robert C. Hockett (Cornell): Rousseauvian Money. France, Britain to return West African countries their artifacts. America’s sexist obsession with what women politicians wear, explained. How No Labels went from preaching unity to practicing the dark arts. Amazon is an infrastructure company — the HQ2 bids were reconnaissance. Qatar to pull out of Saudi-dominated OPEC amid Doha boycott. The #MeToo movement changed everything — can the law catch up? Cable news networks spend far more time talking about hurricanes than wildfires. Soros-founded university says it has been kicked out of Hungary as an autocrat tightens his grip (and more). George Nicholas on confronting the specter of cultural appropriation.

The “why can’t we all just get along” theory of politics: Bari Weiss and Eve Peyser want us to learn from their unlikely friendship — I’m not sure there’s much to learn. The Left and the Right cry out for civility, but maybe that’s asking for too much.