Constitutional norms break down

Nicholas Stephanopoulos (Chicago): The Dance of Partisanship and Districting. What’s stronger than a blue wave? Gerrymandered districts. Proportional representation could save America. The problem with our democracy isn't gerrymandering — it’s integers. Alma Steingart on democracy by numbers: The challenges of partisan gerrymandering are not new, nor is the hope that mathematics can offer a cure. North Carolina wrote the playbook Wisconsin and Michigan are using to undermine democracy. David Pozen on hardball and/as anti-hardball. Josh Chafetz (Cornell) and David Pozen (Columbia): How Constitutional Norms Break Down. Madison never envisioned minority rule. The rigging of American politics: Political systems depend on legitimacy — in America, that legitimacy is failing. Deborah Pearlstein on thinking about legitimacy. What we need is one big political reform bill to fix it all at once.