On the way

Luciano Floridi (Oxford): Semantic Capital: Its Nature, Value, and Curation. Kelsey Ables on a magazine’s unlikely rebirth in Sri Lanka. Howard Schultz might reelect Trump because he doesn’t understand how politics works: “It is entirely possible that the course of American history will turn on Howard Schultz’s egomaniacal ignorance” (and more and more and more). Why CEOs tend to make bad politicians. Martin Longman: “A Howard Schultz candidacy doesn’t frighten me”. Family behind OxyContin maker engineered opioid crisis, Massachusetts AG says. When solid progressives like Vaughn Stewart find themselves in office, they need help if they’re going to resist corporate lobbyists and be effective.

Congo just had its first peaceful transfer of power in 60 years. The shutdown cost the US economy $3 billion that isn’t coming back. This is how to end government shutdowns forever. Trump’s complaint to White House guests: Obama watched too much TV. A US-Taliban peace deal may be on the way — but it could easily fall apart. Afghan women fear peace with Taliban may mean war on them. In the new progressives vs. Davos, round one goes to the Left. Are we past peak Davos? Wall Street is scared shitless about Bernie and Liz 2020. Hollywood’s obsession with cartels: It would be nice to see Latinos living regular lives — not stereotype-fueled fantasies — onscreen.