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Sofya Aptekar (UMass): The Unbearable Lightness of the Cosmopolitan Canopy: Accomplishment of Diversity at an Urban Farmers Market. What’s next for New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer? America faces soul-searching over Michael Jackson. From CRS, Mark P. Sullivan on Venezuela: Overview of U.S. Sanctions. Why a coup is unlikely in Venezuela (and more). How the United States became a “can’t do” society. Grant’s first tomb: Ulysses S. Grant, inaugurated as president 150 years ago, missed a chance to reconstruct the South economically as well as politically. Elizabeth Warren proposes breaking up tech giants like Amazon and Facebook (and more and more). Of course successful people want everyone to be nice.

Francis Dupuis-Deri (UQAM): Who’s Afraid of the People? The Debate between Political Agoraphobia and Political Agoraphilia. Aris Trantidis (Lincoln) and Nick Cowen (NYU): Hayek Versus Trump: The Radical Right’s Road to Serfdom. Except for Paul Manafort, we put people in prison for too long (and more). A brief history of the books depicted in Western painting. The White House press briefing is dead — it was awful, but we should still mourn it. Deal, no deal, delay? Jenn Kirby on the week ahead in Brexit votes. When he shifted his attention from philosophy to politics, Richard Rorty revived liberalism’s potential for social reform. Why do people love to hate Steven Pinker? Obituary: Sidney Verba.