Speech on university campuses

Eric Heinze (Queen Mary): No-platforming and Safe Spaces: Should Universities Censor More (or Less) Speech than the Law Requires? Why no-platforming is sometimes a justifiable position. “I was no-platformed. Here’s why it’s counterproductive”: Although the protesters may enjoy a strengthened sense of solidarity, they are likely overall to have damaged the cause they seek to defend. For college students and presidents alike, free speech is a balancing act. Thread: “I’m going to tell you the One Big Thing I know about campus free speech”. If there is a free-speech “crisis” on campus, PEN America says, lawmakers are making it worse. The truth about the “campus free speech” crusade and its myths that won’t die.

Charles Nary (Penn): The New Heckler’s Veto: Shouting Down Speech on University Campuses. Stephen Rohde reviews The Free Speech Century by Lee C. Bollinger and Geoffrey R. Stone. Keith E. Whittington on his book Speak Freely: Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech (and more and more). The two sides of the free-speech “crisis”, in one Fox News broadcast. Trump’s free speech executive order isn’t about free speech. AAU president Mary Sue Coleman comments on free speech executive order. The “campus free speech crisis” ended last year.