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Oona A. Hathaway, Paul Strauch, Beatrice Walton, Zoe Weinberg (Yale): What is a War Crime? Samuel Johnson and Seo Young Park (Bath): Moral Evaluations of Time Versus Money Donations. How to make sense of the black hole image, according to 2 astrophysicists. Donna Murch on how race made the opioid crisis. China’s crackdown on Muslims is being felt beyond its borders (and more and more and more). Someone is targeting “critical infrastructure” safety systems in networked attacks. From the Sydney Review of Books, Chris Fleming on theoretical cool. The expected redactions in the Mueller report, explained. Remembering the Starr report as we await the Mueller report.

Frieder M. Paulus (Lubeck) et al.: The Politics of Embarrassment: Considerations on How Norm-Transgressions of Political Representatives Shape Nation-Wide Communication of Emotions on Social Media. Melissa Dunning (Skidmore): American Gun Culture: Are Pro-Gun Tendencies Ingrained in United States Residents? Salwa Sadek on the women who helped bring down Sudan’s president. Sudan’s new ruler is no democrat — and he has Darfur to answer for. A brief guide to David Bernhardt, Ryan Zinke’s replacement at the Interior Department. For a black mathematician, what it’s like to be the “only one”. Why Ecuador finally got sick of Julian Assange and ended his refuge at the embassy in London. U.K. gets more time to mess up Brexit, and maybe the E.U. Why Narendra Modi’s plan to “clean” up India hasn’t worked.