First step

From Constellations, John Welsh (Helsinki): The Political Aesthetic of the British City‐State: Class Formation through the Global City. Rense Corten (Utrecht): Social Dilemmas in the Sharing Economy. Jonne Arjoranta (Jyvaskyla): How to Define Games and Why. Is computer code a foreign language? No — and high schools shouldn’t treat it that way. Tracking phones, Google is a dragnet for the police. Military drills in Arctic aim to counter Russia, but the first mission is to battle the cold. Reclaiming victimhood: Realizing you are a victim can be the first step towards fixing something in the world. The quest for the most elusive material in physics. The introduction to Irrationality: A History of the Dark Side of Reason by Justin E. H. Smith.

From Just Security, here are the first takes from the experts on the (redacted) Mueller report (and more). Here are the biggest bombshells from the redacted Mueller report. A look at the most redacted sections of the Mueller report (and more). Here’s why Robert Mueller didn’t make a call on obstruction of justice. Mueller’s conclusions are very different from what Barr reported. Mueller’s report doesn’t exonerate Trump — but does that matter? Robert Mueller’s report is clear: Congress gets to decide whether Trump obstructed justice. Mueller left open the door to charging Trump after he left office. Mueller made 14 referrals of potential crimes to outside offices. From FiveThirtyEight, is the Mueller report a BFD? Many conservatives are confident Trump will survive the Mueller report’s release.