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Sophie Loidolt (TU Darmstadt): “Who One Is” A Political Issue? Hannah Arendt on Personhood, Maximal Self, and Bare Life. Andrew J. Corsa (Lynn): Grand Narratives, Metamodernism, and Global Ethics. The largest private sector strike in years is over — supermarket workers won. Why did Ukrainians just elect a comedian president? What we learned watching Robert Mueller for 18 months. How the cosmetics industry got to regulate itself and downplayed cancer risks. The 2020 election will take place on two different Internets. The biggest economic divides aren’t regional — they’re local (just ask parents). Julia Bowes on the anti-government ideas fueling anti-vaxxers. Free speech puts U.S. on “a collision course” with global limits on Big Tech.

Eduardo Jimenez Pineda (UNC): The “Disappearing Island State” Phenomenon: A Challenge to the Universality of the International Law of the Sea. Joseph E. Stiglitz on how progressive capitalism is not an oxymoron. Thanks to climate change and geopolitical tensions, reaching the North Pole is increasingly beyond reach. Will Modi drive India away from democracy? New research shows just how badly a citizenship question would hurt the 2020 Census. 13% of the world’s companies are “zombies” — that’s not healthy. Have smartphones really destroyed a generation? We don’t know.