Eyeing a future

Shon Hopwood (Georgetown): The Effort to Reform the Federal Criminal Justice System. Heikki Ikaheimo (UNSW): Recognition and the Human Life-form: Towards an Anthropological Turn in Critical Theory. Is Brexit a constitutional crisis, or a political one? The answer matters. How women are transforming organized labor. The Supreme Court case over adding a citizenship question to the census, explained. John Lanchester reviews Nature’s Mutiny: How the Little Ice Age of the Long Seventeenth Century Transformed the West and Shaped the Present by Philipp Blom. The coming era of U.S. security policy will be dominated by the Navy. Can Facebook be trusted to combat misinformation? Sri Lanka’s shutdown suggests no.

Justin Clarke-Doane (Columbia): The Ethics-Mathematics Analogy. America’s government scientists are eyeing a future in politics. Ezra Klein interviews Kate Manne, author of Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny, on why female candidates get ruled “unelectable” so quickly. The Democratic primary may get ugly, but it’s a necessary fight. Democrats’ impeachment dilemma, explained. Game of Thrones isn’t a fantasy, it’s a warning. Resistance can’t be tweeted: Jim Sleeper on how social and political change is built on reading. Sudan is tasting freedom for the first time — we can’t turn back. Should high schools teach sports history? You can download Keywords in Radical Geography: Antipode at 50.