A neglected threat

Barbara E. Armacost (Virginia): Interrogation after 9/11: The Law on the Books and the Law on the Ground. From Homeland Security Affairs, David Tucker (NPS): Terrorism, Networks, and Strategy: Why the Conventional Wisdom is Wrong; an article on paramilitary terrorism, a neglected threat; and a review of Catastrophe: Risk and Response by Richard Posner. Here's the full text of War Inc. by Seymour Melman. A review of Governing through Crime: How the War on Crime Transformed American Democracy and Created a Culture of Fear by Jonathan Simon. From Government Executive, a special issue on the top government contractors. Show respect for women, ban contraception: Has Humanae Vitae's proscription against contraception been vindicated? From the Journal of Consciousness Studies, a review of A Phenomenology of Love and Hate by Peter Hadreas; and hitting on consciousness: Honderich Versus McGinn. From THES, a review of Trust: Self-Interest and the Common Good by Marek Kohn. Why is philosophy as a subject such a fizzer in schools, asks Laura Parker. No veritas in this vino: Robert Goldstein's research involved entering bogus wines into competitions, in order to expose lack of standards in the industry. Leaving Guyland: Peter Pans aren't as happy as they seem. A review of The Godfather of Tabloid by Jack Vitek.