The quivering upper lip

From Arion, Clinton W. Marrs on Paideia in America: Ragged Dick, George Babbitt, and the Problem of a Modern Classical Education; Maria Rybakova on two genders of the soul regarding the love of God; an article on the mystery of Socrates’ last words; a look at the singular circumstance of an errant papyrus. Art and apocrypha: An article on the fraught beauty of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Suketu Mehta on what they hate about Mumbai. From TNR, Joshua Kurlantzick on what's behind the rise of terrorism in India — and why it won't end soon; and why are conservatives heaping praise on Hillary Clinton as Obama's new secretary of state? From The New York Times, a look at Barry McCaffrey’s Military-Industrial-Media Complex. Jacob Weisberg on loyalty, the most overrated virtue in politics. From The Salisbury Review, an article on the suicide of cricket; and there is probably no more damning indictment of British society than the fact that thousands of prisoners each year refuse the offer to be released early from prison. Theodore Dalrymple on the quivering upper lip: The British character, from self-restraint to self-indulgence. We have a f@%king indecency problem — what's the Supreme Court to do? Tim Harford on why it's so hard to predict how bad the recession will be. More and more and more and more and more on Niall Ferguson's The Ascent of Money (and an excerpt and a video).