Just add some sauce

From GJSS, Jonathan Kemp (Birkbeck): Queer Past, Queer Present, Queer Future; a review of Sally Munt's Queer Attachments: The Cultural Politics of Shame; and a review of Lee Edelman's No Future: Queer Theory and the Death Drive. An excerpt from Peter Beaumont's The Secret Life of War. Mark Rozzo reviews Big Machine by Victor LaValle. Saving the world, one Jew at a time: A review of Spiritual Activism: A Jewish Guide to Leadership and Repairing the World by Rabbi Avraham Weiss and Shared Dreams: Martin Luther King, Jr. & the Jewish Community by Rabbi Marc Schneier. From New Statesman, John Gray on J G Ballard, an appreciation; and the neoliberal era is over — but at what cost? David Willetts, one of Margaret Thatcher’s young ideologues from the 1980s — and now a senior Conservative thinker — reflects on where Thatcherism came from and why he is no longer a Thatcherite (and more from Standpoint). Need to proclaim that there is just too much drama going on? There's a simple, emphatic solution: just add some sauce. A review of Real Utopia: Participatory Society for the 21st Century by Chris Spannos (and more). The rise and fall of a physics fraudster: Seven years after rumours of massive fraud began to surface, the repercussions of Jan Hendrik Schon’s lies still reverberate.