America at risk

A review of America at Risk: Threats to Liberal Self-government in an Age of Uncertainty. A review of The Democracy Index: Why Our Election System Is Failing and How to Fix It by Heather K. Gerken. A review of Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle by Chris Hedges (more and more and more). An interview with David Callahan, author of The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong To Get Ahead. A review of The Lonely American: Drifting Apart in the Twenty-first Century by Jacqueline Olds and Richard S. Schwartz. An interview with Theodore Roszak, author of The Making of an Elder Culture: Reflections on the Future of America's Most Audacious Generation. A review of The First Family: Terror, Extortion, Revenge, Murder, and the Birth of the American Mafia by Mike Dash (and more and more). A review of Covering for the Bosses: Labor and the Southern Press by Joseph Atkins. A review of The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America by Douglas Brinkley. Jackson Lears' cultural history, Rebirth of a Nation, from the Civil War to World War One, is the flip side of Louis Menand’s dazzling take on the same period, The Metaphysical Club (and more at Bookforum). Conservative Revolutionaries: How the Lees of Stratford Hall made and unmade an empire.