Titillations and tortures

Rob M. A. Nelissen and Marcel Zeelenberg (Tilburg): Moral emotions as determinants of third-party punishment: Anger, guilt, and the functions of altruistic sanctions. Drama Tween: Twenty years ago, Sara Wildman confided the titillations and tortures of middle school in her 8th-grade diary; now she was ready to relive that angst in front of 300 strangers. From TED, Loretta Napoleoni on the intricate economics of terrorism. Terminator 2009: Rebecca Solnit on judgment days in Copenhagen. A review of The Evolution of Obesity by Michael L. Power and Jay Schulkin. Top 10 Obesity Myths: What if being overweight isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world, or for your body? For nearly a decade, TomDispatch has been home to reportage and essays that chip away, week after week, at America's endless wars. The case against the new year: Midnight revelry amounts to sheer malarkey, when the tradition that preceded it called for a reflective morning celebration. America is facing dramatic problems, but none will be solved until we fix the dysfunctions of the Senate (and Ezra Klein interviews Barbara Sinclair, Andy Stern, Tom Harkin and Jeff Merkley on the filibuster). Juan Cole on the top ten worst things about the Bush decade (and more by Thomas Frank, and more from Vanity Fair). This was, nationally and globally, a lousy decade — but the next one has every prospect of being worse. A Russian official claims the remains of Adolf Hitler were burned in 1970 by Soviet KGB agents and thrown into a river in Germany. An excerpt from The Trashing of Margaret Mead: Anatomy of an Anthropological Controversy by Paul Shankman.

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