We are all Occupiers now

Everything you need to know about Occupy Wall Street: David Weigel and Lauren Hepler on a timeline of the movement, from February to today. David Graeber, the anti-leader of Occupy Wall Street: How the anthropologist, activist, and anarchist helped transform a hapless rally into a global protest movement. Dahlia Lithwick on how OWS confuses and ignores Fox News and the pundit class. Occupy and Evolve: Kelly Heresy has been with OWS since Day 1 and was part of the first group to live and work in Liberty Plaza. Matt Taibbi on how Wall Street isn't winning — it's cheating. We are all Occupiers now: Katha Pollitt on the mainstreaming of OWS. Alex Aums and James Broulard on the strange case of #OccupyPhoenix and the search for civic life in the exurbs. The newspaper of Occupy London, The Occupied Times of London, has been launched. Meet the 0.01 Percent: War profiteers. It really, really is 99 vs. 1. Charlie Rose interviews Slavoj Zizek. Democracy is the enemy: Slavoj Zizek on how, so far, the protesters have done well to avoid exposing themselves to the criticism that Lacan levelled at the students of '68 (and more). The stunning victory that OWS has already achieved: In just one month, the protesters have shifted the national dialogue from a relentless focus on the deficit to a discussion of the real issues facing Main Street. How Paul Ryan tried to answer the supercommittee and OWS protesters at the same time. An interview with Doug Henwood on the socially useless Wall Street class. David Harvey on how the party of Wall Street meets its nemesis. "I Am Wall Street": Here is a samizdat anti-Occupy one-pager, first found at Occupy Chicago. Gotcha interviewer portrays OWS as drug-addled farce. Don't diss the drum circles: Danny Goldberg writes in defense of hippies. We’re hoping General Assembly votes MC Moneypenney’s hot new single to be the official anthem of Occupy Wall Street. Here is sex advice from Occupy Wall Street protesters.