You might think

A new issue of Praesidium is out. Elizabeth de Freitas (Adelphi): Parkour and the Build Environment: Spatial Practices and the Plasticity of School Buildings. From the International Journal of the Commons, a special issue on the 20th anniversary of the publication of Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action by Elinor Ostrom. The Michael Walzer Affair: An excerpt Unjust Honoris Causa: Chronicle of a Most Peculiar Academic Dishonor by Aleksandar Jokic and Milan Brdar. What makes us human? In major new books, an economist, a philosopher, an evolutionary biologist and two psychologists offer compelling and very different answers. The evolution of gossip: How dishing got dirty. From Tehelka, where do capitalism and democracy go from here? Thomas Friedman and Pratap Bhanu Mehta in conversation with Shoma Chaudhury. High Society: Medical marijuana is set to arrive in DC this summer, but the drug is already a much bigger part of upper-middle-class life here than you might think. Is solving nonprofits' challenges as easy as creating a map?