A surprising perspective

A new issue of the New School Economic Review is out. A review of Power, Inc: The Epic Rivalry Between Big Business and Government — and the Reckoning That Lies Ahead by David Rothkopf. From Foreign Policy, supercitizens and semistates: David Rothkopf on the global elites that really run the world (and more). 5-star hotels in 1-star countries: Enjoy your stay at the Serena Hotels, where plush lodgings meet deadly warzones. From Transcript, a special issue on Malta. Non-Monogamy: A surprising perspective from a Muslim matchmaking service. A review of The Age of Austerity: How Scarcity Will Remake American Politics by Thomas Edsall (and more). Simon Blackburn reviews Beyond Human Nature: How Culture and Experience Shape Our Lives by Jesse Prinz. From Governing, when teams leave, what do you do with the stadium? Hemispheric Strangers: Despite many similarities between Canada and Brazil, their relationship has a long way to go. Outlook meets a few eunuchs who have tried to assimilate and lead normal lives despite being perceived as “anomalous”.