America in the age of descent

From The Weekly Standard, a review of Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or be Ruled by Others? by John Fonte. A review of Bowing to Beijing: How Barack Obama is Hastening America’s Decline and Ushering a Century of Chinese Domination by Brett M. Decker and William C. Triplett II. George Scialabba reviews Morris Berman’s three-volume survey of America's decline The Twilight of American Culture, Dark Ages America, and Why America Failed (and an interview). The economic waning of America: A review of Time to Start Thinking: America in the Age of Descent by Edward Luce and Better, Stronger, Faster: The Myth of American Decline and the Rise of a New Economy by Daniel Gross (and more and more and more and more). From, there is much talk of failure of the US economy and institutions — but tangible signs of that failure are few; and there are clear and present dangers for US institutions, but there are reasons for optimism: we have been here before, and rebounded. "That's not really destroying America": An interview with Claude Fischer about his new column for Boston Review, "Made in America".