Most fundamental

Terra Lawson-Remer (New School) and Alisa Valderrama (NRDC): Collective Action and the Rules of Surfing. From Anthropology of this Century, a review of The Eurasian Miracle by Jack Goody. The Kilogram, Reinvented: Two difficult experiments are poised to remake one of the world’s most fundamental units. A review of Defending Multiculturalism: A Guide for the Movement. The forgotten 15 per cent: Why has disability dropped off the world’s agenda? A review of Barbaric Civilization: A Critical Sociology of Genocide by Christopher Powell. Fighting Back: Has one state discovered a simple way to combat domestic violence? Sarah Goodyear on the invention of jaywalking. On the origins of the arts: Sociobiologist E.O. Wilson on the evolution of culture. If Obama loses in 2012, what will he do next? Perhaps he'll run again in 2016, or become head of the International Olympic Committee — or just obsessively work out. If you don't bring a knife to a gun fight, I guess you don't bring a fart to a shit-slinging contest. They've become a part of the pop-culture landscape: Sexy, private shots of celebrities (your Scarletts, your Milas) stolen from their phones and e-mail accounts — they're also the center of an entire stealth industry.