Shlomi Sela, Tsvi Kuflik, and Gustavo S. Mesch (Haifa): Changes in the Discourse of Online Hate Blogs: The Effect of Barack Obama's Election in 2008. From The Baffler, to the Precinct Station: Thomas Frank on how theory met practice and drove it absolutely crazy; the long con: Rick Perlstein on mail-order conservatism; and come on, feel the buzz: Alex Parenne on Politico. When a Frankenstorm arrives from Haiti with destructive powers, the semi-professional student of zombie literature and history has a unique ability to perceive the arrival of end times — welcome to America’s new normal: the nonfictional apocalypse. The worst thing about an apocalypse? Surviving it. How should we explain people like Barack Obama and Mitt Romney? Larry Arnhart on the manly ambition of political animals. Wrath of the math: Spencer Ackerman on the nerdiest election ever (and more and more and more on Nate Silver). Crossing the line: Elizabeth Kolbert on rebuilding for climate change. Bill Sweet on why the United States will soon adopt some kind of carbon plan, regardless of who wins. Extreme voting: How astronauts cast ballots from space.