Daniel Beland (Saskatchewan) and Mitchell A. Orenstein (Northeastern): International Organizations as Policy Actors: An Ideational Approach. After democracy: For now, though, it is at least possible to stop speaking democratese, predicated upon the supposedly compatible faiths in the individual and the people and the concomitant hatred of everything undermining such faith. $5 watches vs. $5 cups of coffee: The battle for 29th Street might portend the future of the global economy. From Improbable Research, “most” — what does it mean, mostly? From Curve, Kim Hoffman on Kam Kardashian, the lesbian sister they didn’t tell you about. Vice has had a gay guide and a lesbian guide already, so in an effort to include the entire LGBT spectrum, they now have a transgender guide — bisexuals, you're just gonna have to read the gay guide and the lesbian guide and combine them in your head. Did Cornel West go too far — again? Rachel Hymann reviews The Map of the System of Human Knowledge by James Tadd Adcox. Ehud Yaari on how to end the war in Gaza: What an Egypt-brokered cease-fire should look like. Good news: The next 50 years are going to be amazing.