From The Utopian, Ron Tabor on Marxism’s attitude toward the nature of truth and the veracity of human knowledge. Paul Thomas on his book Karl Marx. “These petrified relations must be forced to dance”: An interview with Dick Howard, author of The Specter of Democracy: What Marx and Marxists Haven’t Understood and Why. Matthew Wood reviews Marx and the Alternative to Capitalism by Kieran Allen. G.B. Taylor on seven Left myths about capitalism. From Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal, Marta Harnecker on conquering a new popular hegemony. Fascism, Maoism and the Democratic Left: Jairus Banaji explores cultures of resistance that are hostile to democracy. A review of The Devil in History: Communism, Fascism and Some Lessons of the Twentieth Century by Vladimir Tismaneanu. From New English Review, Fergus Downie on the final crisis of the Left. From artificial scarcity to material abundance: Dennis Chapman on instantiating socialism. Staying Home: Norman Geras on G.A. Cohen and the motivational basis of socialism. Whatever became of the class struggle? Lawrence Nannery wants to know.