A new issue of The Philosophers’ Magazine is out. The inaugural issue of the Nordic Wittgenstein Review is out, including Alex Davies (King’s College): How to Use (Ordinary) Language Offensively; Thomas McNally and Sinead McNally (TCD): Chomsky and Wittgenstein on Linguistic Competence; and Todor Polimenov interviews Gottfried Gabriel on the relationship between analytic and continental philosophy. Torfinn Thomesen Huvenes reviews Experimental Philosophy: An Introduction by Joshua Alexander. From 3:AM, Chris Weigel is a groovy philosophical firebrand who burns her armchair alongside xphi’s pyromaniac Josh Knobe; Herman Cappelen is one groovaciously pugnacious philosophical dude; Roy Sorensen is the madhatter at the philosophical tea-party, the grooviest jive of them all; and Richard Moran digs Sartre as essential, unfairly bad-mouthed and like John Lennon. Rupert Read on his book A Wittgensteinian Way with Paradoxes. Whoa, dude, we’re not inside a computer right now: Johannes Niederhauser interviews Massimo Pigliucci, author of Answers for Aristotle. Rick Pimentel on reasons to love philosophy.