Tali Seger-Guttmann (RAC), Hana Medler-Liraz (MTA) and Joseph Guttmann (Haifa): "If You are My Friend, Please Show Your Anger": Differences Between Friends and Colleagues in Faking Emotions. From Studies in Social Justice, a special issue on the politics of resilience and recovery in mental health care. From Technology Review, Sasha Issenberg on how President Obama’s campaign used big data to rally individual voters (and part 2). Historian Jorge Canizares-Esguerra reflects on whether the statistical methods of nineteenth-century political economists can be regarded as digital humanities avant la lettre (and more). Mary Beard reviews Shopping in Ancient Rome: The Retail Trade in the Late Republic and the Principate by Claire Holleran. The first chapter from The Roman Market Economy by Peter Temin. 50 Shades of Vulgarity: Editors of Glamour, Allure and other magazines aimed at female audiences say using vulgar words in print does not seem to ruffle feathers. Are we finally heading toward world peace? Patrick Henderson interviews with Havard Hegre of the University of Oslo and the Center for the Study of Civil War.