Caylee Hong and Rene Provost (McGill): Let Us Compare Mythologies. Charles M. North (Baylor) and Wafa Hakim Orman (Alabama) and Carl R. Gwin (Pepperdine): Religion, Corruption, and the Rule of Law. James Davison Hunter (Virginia): Law, Religion, and the Common Good. Rafael Domingo (Navarra): A New Paradigm for Religious Freedom. Katie Ryder on the truth about religious freedom and the ACA: Your right to swing your fist in religious practice ends when your fist reaches my nose, or uterus. Is God a socialist, and if so, what kind of socialism does God espouse? Amy Allen on the politics of 1 Cor. 12:12-31a and Luke 4:14-21. Derek Minno-Bloom on decolonizing anarchism and Christianity. Why the Bible has no place in politics, or vice versa: David Biale reviews Revelations by Elaine Pagels and In God’s Shadow by Michael Walzer.