From Speculations, a special issue on aesthetics in the 21st century. Sheeva Azma (Georgetown): Poverty and the Developing Brain: Insights from Neuroimaging. From Contemporary Pragmatism, Erin C. Tarver (Emory): Signifying “Hillary”: Making (Political) Sense with Butler and Dewey. Are American politics redeemable? Matthew Brandon Wolfson on Robert Gates, Hillary Clinton and two memoirs of Washington, DC. From The Monkey Cage, charges on an "imperial presidency" usually center on war and foreign policy — but the newest charges are all about the domestic front; and Justin Vaughn and Jennifer Mercieca on why presidents must play the hero: Presidents have no choice but to promise what they can't deliver. Sean McElwee on how ordinary Americans can influence policy — no super PAC required. Did Marxist philosophy superstar Slavoj Zizekplagiarize a white nationalist journal? (and a response by Zizek) Behind the Santa Maria discovery: How an unlikely Boston historian Samuel Eliot Morison brought Columbus and his lost ship to life. From The Editorial Review, an interview with Susan Ferber, executive editor for American and world history at Oxford University Press (USA); and an interview with Alex Star, senior editor at Farrar, Straus and Giroux. You can download Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction (2004) by Colin Ward. Virginia man plants flag, claims African country, calling it “Kingdom of North Sudan”. Huddled masses yearning to breathe free are the worst!