Daniel A. Farber (UC-Berkeley): The Conservative as Environmentalist: From Goldwater and the Early Reagan to the 21st Century. Robert V. Percival (Maryland): Environmental Law in the Trump Administration. Trump’s green assault off to fast start: The president's moves to slash regulations and chop EPA's budget represent the most aggressive environmental rollback in decades. Brad Plumer on 5 possible futures for the EPA under Trump. Three ways new EPA head Scott Pruitt will dismantle environmental protection. E.P.A. head stacks agency with climate change skeptics. Steve Bannon used to believe in science — now he’s America’s top climate villain.

Edward L. Rubin (Vanderbilt): Rejecting Climate Change: Not Science Denial, but Regulation Phobia. Once-cautious climate economist reverses course, issues warning against the cost of inaction: William Nordhaus says social cost of CO2 much higher than he thought, while team Trump says it is zero. Republicans beg their party to finally do something about global warming. Here’s what optimistic liberals get wrong about Trump and climate change. Can the world beat climate change without the U.S.? With Donald Trump creating a leadership void, other countries must build on the momentum of the Paris agreement. Does Trump’s ascent mark end times for a “good” Anthropocene?