Iason Gabriel (Oxford): The Problem With Yuppie Ethics. The return of the Sultan: What is happening in Turkey shows distinct traces of an earlier phase of Islamic-minded autocracy in the country's history. Teresa Fazio on what civilians don't understand about military sexual harassment. Neil Gorsuch has web of ties to secretive billionaire Philip F. Anschutz. President Trump may be in for a fight with the Federal Reserve. A profile of David Cay Johnston, the man behind Trump's tax return. How a wonky national-security blog hit the big time: When Donald Trump tweeted about a Lawfare post — without realizing it was highly critical of him — he sent its readership skyrocketing. Scott McLemee reviews I Love My Selfie by Ilan Stavans.

Trumpcare is the opposite of freedom: The Republican alternative to Obamacare only gives Americans the freedom to work until they die. Sarah Kliff and Ezra Klein on the lessons of Obamacare: What Republicans should have learned, but haven't. Republicans may be ready to redefine success on Obamacare.