John Holmwood (Nottingham): Moral Economy versus Political Economy: Provincializing Polanyi. What the Austro-Hungarian economic theorist tells us about the upheavals of our age: Nikil Saval reviews Karl Polanyi: A Life on the Left by Gareth Dale (and more and more and more). Dani Rodrik on Karl Polanyi: “We ignore Karl Polanyi at our own peril”. Want to stop fascism? Start by taming the finance sector — Kate Aronoff interviews Ann Pettifor, author of The Production of Money: How To Break the Power of Bankers, on markets, Karl Polanyi and how to reverse the rise of the Right. Here is the the English translation of Karl Polanyi’s Socialist Accounting, translated by Ariane Fischer, David Woodruff, and Johanna Bockman. Here is the text of “The Present Age of Transformation”, five lectures by Karl Polanyi at Bennington College in 1940.