Michael E. Mann, Thomas C. Peterson, Susan Joy Hassol on what we know about the climate change-hurricane connection. Climate change made Hurricane Irma worse: Al Gore warned this would happen but people didn’t listen to his “inconvenient truth”. Pruitt to CNN: Talking about climate change is “insensitive” to Floridians. It is a time to talk about climate change: James Hamblin on the false dichotomy between prevention and treatment. Republican mayor of Miami blasts Trump for ignoring climate change. Miami’s mayor on Hurricane Irma: “If this isn’t climate change, I don’t know what is”. Gov. Rick Scott enabled Irma’s fury through climate denialism and should resign.

Monster Hurricane Irma barrels toward climate change deniers’ playground. Irma and Harvey lay the costs of climate change denial at Trump’s door. Donald Trump hasn’t faced a single climate change question since hurricanes hit. Stop saying economic growth will rescue us from climate change. Will Hurricane Irma blow away GOP climate denialism? Extreme weather can’t shake climate-change beliefs. Thread: “It follows that the ‘only’ reliable way to get cons to stop denying climate change is for con pol/media elites to stop. That’s it”.