Politicians, promises, and getting real: How much does clarity about policy matter? Republicans, trapped by their flimflam: Fraud keeps catching up with the fraudsters, first on their health plans, now on taxes. Trump’s bold declarations don’t always lead to the results he promises. Trump abandoned his infrastructure plan — so what now? Trump wants to restrict trade and immigration — here’s why he can’t do both. Gregory Krieg on Donald Trump’s art of undoing the deal. There’s no such thing as a purely natural disaster anymore: Trump’s policies seem scientifically engineered to put as many people in harm’s way as possible.

The federal agency that few Americans have heard of and which we all need to know: The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs wields enormous power and is key to President Trump’s deregulatory agenda. Donald Trump’s Obamacare sabotage is starting to piss off Republicans (and more). The Trump administration’s case against birth control is a stunning distortion of science. Scott Pruitt announces attempt to repeal Obama’s Clean Power Plan. EPA chief: I’d “do away with” wind, solar tax credits. There’s more to Scott Pruitt’s attack on Obama’s climate reg than meets the eye. Trump hasn’t dismantled Obama’s legacy yet — and may not ever.