From GQ, Ben Schreck goes inside Donald Trump’s election night war room. Scott McLemee reviews The Trump Presidency: Outsider in the Oval Office by Steven E. Schier and Todd E. Eberly. The IRS is building a safe to hold Trump’s tax returns. Trump often says he has proof for his claims — but he never comes through. Pro sports teams were once reliable patrons of Trump’s hotels — not anymore. Trump’s declining popularity is hurting his businesses. Trump’s tweets are hurting him with the voters he needs most. Aides give up on trying to control Trump’s tweets: Trump’s post on Franken allegations was the latest example of the president’s habit of using his Twitter account to draw fire, rather than deflecting it.

Is Trump getting worse, or has he always been this delusional? White House staff reportedly shows Trump positive polls to make him feel better. The best analogy to Donald Trump in 2017 is George W. Bush in 2005. Norms follow function: Maximillian Alvarez on sorting through the derangements of the Trump age.