Francesco Sangiorgi (FSFM) and Chester S. Spatt (Carnegie Mellon): The Economics of Credit Rating Agencies. Oana Serban (Bucharest): The Critical Theory of Artistic Capitalism. Discriminating in the name of religion? Segregationists and slaveholders did it, too. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, explained. “The idea that you would just do something like this purely to gratify the Republican base, spurred by the President’s boredom and desire to upset people. That’s all unthinkable. Yet that is pretty clearly what is going on here”. Julia Ioffe on how the Kremlin tried to rig the Olympics, and failed. Jia Tolentino reviews Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials by Malcolm Harris (and more and more).

How the alt-right duped MSNBC into firing one of its contributors. Ye of “bad faith”: From Sartre to Seder, how the legal — and philosophical — term became a metaphor for the death of truth. Weaponized outrage is a threat to free speech: Activists on the Right and Left are exploiting sensitivity over sexual misconduct and other issues — it’s seriously undermining journalism.