Ed Rooksby (Oxford): “Structural Reform” and the Problem of Socialist Strategy Today. Ruth Kinna (Loughborough): Utopianism and Prefiguration. Paul Raekstad (Amsterdam): Revolutionary Practice and Prefigurative Politics: A Clarification and Defense. From The Nation, E.P. Thompson’s search for a new Popular Front: Despite a lifetime of political disappointments, the historian never gave up on the prospects of a broad left-wing social movement. Politics without politics: Chris Maisano reviews Hegemony How-To: A Roadmap for Radicals by Jonathan Smucker. For the Left, winning local office is one thing, actually governing is another — what happens if we win?

What should socialists do? Democratic socialism needs to become a mass presence in US society. The socialism America needs now: Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the country, and the DSA convention just made national news — but U.S. socialism has to find a viable path to power. America has a long and storied socialist tradition — DSA is reviving it. Mike Konczal on what Democrats can learn from the Democratic Socialists about rebuilding the Left.

Could America’s socialists become the tea party of the Left? Martin Longman on a non-socialist road out of our wilderness. Is Donald Trump turning liberals into radicals? Sibling rivalry: Liberals and socialists share a common inheritance — so why can’t they find a way to work together to defeat Trump? Why liberalism disappoints: Franklin Foer reviews The House of Truth: A Washington Political Salon and the Foundation of American Liberalism by Brad Snyder and Young Radicals: In the War for American Ideals by Jeremy McCarter.