Nancy Fraser on progressive neoliberalism to Trump and beyond. Nancy LeTourneau on the crucial role of history in understanding Trumpism. Forgotten men: Lawrence B. Glickman on the long road from FDR to Trump. The media is blinded by its obsession with rural white Trump voters. Does the white working class really vote against its own interests? Trump’s first year in office revived an age-old debate about why some people choose race over class — and how far they will go to protect the system. Words fail Trump but for supporters his message is loud and clear. To beat President Trump, you have to learn to think like his supporters: Scandals will never defeat a populist.

The death of “Trumpism without Trump”: Steve Bannon was trying to build a movement larger than the president himself — the bitter split between the two men may spell the end of that effort. Republicans turn on Bannon for telling the truth about Trump. “Steve can be kind of delusional”: Did Steve Bannon talk himself out of his own movement? The afterlife of Steve Bannon: Reports of his political death have been greatly exaggerated. Bannon tries to make amends as aides defend Trump’s fitness.