David S. Rubenstein (Washburn): Taking Care of the Rule of Law. From Research Matters, an interview with Rien Fertel, author of The One True Barbecue: Fire, Smoke, and the Pitmasters Who Cook the Whole Hog. “There are higher laws”: Katie McDonough goes inside the archives of an illegal abortion network. Vladimir Putin is not an all-powerful mastermind — Donald Trump is proof. In age of Trump, political reporters are in demand and under attack. Artificial intelligence may have cracked freaky 600-year-old Voynich manuscript. Sarah Miller on a new Google doc of media men. FEMA cutting off food and water aid to Puerto Rico. Amazon should not be in charge of solving our health-care crisis.

The real state of the union in 2018, explained: What Donald Trump won’t tell you. The state of the union is weird: The state of the economy is pretty good; the state of the polity is not. How American democracy survived President Trump’s first year: The state of the union is strong — we know because it stopped Trump’s most authoritarian moves. The psychology of how Trump divides and distracts us: Trump may have low approval ratings — but he still has power over hearts and minds. Who really writes Trump’s speeches? The White House won’t say.