Shawn Musgrave and Matthew Nussbaum on how Trump thrives in “news deserts”. Trump fought fire legislation and refused to install sprinklers on residential floors of Trump Tower. “Someone died, you asshole”: Trump blasted for not acknowledging Trump Tower fire victim. Trump’s trade war conveniently targets Ivanka’s fashion competitors. Jared Kushner’s $1.2 billion miracle: Someone is doing Jared Kushner a huge favor — but we don't know who. If Trump really wants to go after Amazon, he has options. Trump’s favorite tactic: Criminalizing his critics. Why can’t Trump find legal help? Trump, the president, isn’t such a great businessman. Michelle Goldberg on the conspiracy theory that says Trump is a genius. Trump believes his own delusions, regardless of the facts. Trump staffers are freaking out even more than usual right now.

The Trumpification of the GOP is complete: Republican voters primarily care if their candidates agree with President Trump — even as the president diverges from a typical conservative agenda, the demand for loyalty is becoming even more intense. Trump has turned millions of Americans into activists.