From Lawfare, Paul Rosenzweig on Michael Cohen, the attorney-client privilege, and the crime-fraud exception. Is the Michael Cohen raid a turning point in the Russia investigation? Trump’s strange justice: The president regards due process as a form of political correctness — unless he or his allies are the ones targeted by law enforcement. At the White House, Trump takes selfies and seethes over Mueller. “He’s sitting there bitching and moaning’’: Inside Trumpworld, allies fear the boss could go postal and fire Mueller. Jonathan Chait on the 5 best quotes from freaked-out Trump sources, ranked.

Trump sought to fire Mueller a second time in December. White House: Trump believes he has the power to fire Mueller (and more). Once again: Trump can’t — and therefore (probably) won’t — remove Mueller. What’s a guy gotta do to get impeached in Trump’s out-of-control America? The end of impeachment: How both Republicans and Democrats are undermining a crucial constitutional tool to oust an unfit president. “Every accusation is a confession” is an almost infallible guide to Republican discourse in 2018. It’s Mueller, not Trump, who is draining the swamp.