As the “king of debt”, Trump borrowed to build his empire — then he began spending hundreds of millions in cash. “A Trump building project in Indonesia is receiving millions from Chinese government. How is this not emoluments?” If Trump is laundering Russian money, here’s how it works. “The only promises he has kept are the ones that put money in the pockets of Trump and his cronies”. A merger of political corruption with the tactics of organized crime. It’s time for Trump voters to face the bitter truth: Republicans elected a president who promised to take on D.C. — instead, Trump has presided over an extraordinary auction of access and influence.

The swamp thickens: Chris Lehmann on what the Michael Cohen story tells us about Trumpian corruption. The GOP is no longer the party of Reagan — it’s the party of Michael Cohen. The price of getting inside Trump’s head: Michael Cohen has profited from it, but we’re all Trumpologists now.