Corruption is the basic fact of the Trump GOP. GOP staffers who wrote the tax bill cash in with lobbying gigs. The Justice Department defended Trump’s ability to profit from foreign officials staying at his hotel. The rule of law is crumbling further each day under Trump. Quinta Jurecic on Donald Trump’s pardon power and the state of exception. What will House Republicans do if Trump pardons himself? We asked them. The man who would be king: In order to protect the president, Trump’s advocates have turned to arguing his power is virtually unlimited. Trump’s coalition of wealthy and working-class supporters may be bizarre, but it could still protect Trump from impeachment and even re-elect him.

Emma Cott and Drew Jordan on Liz and Dick Uihlein, the most powerful conservative couple you’ve never heard of. The myth of Trump’s populist revolt: Sarah Jones reviews The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics by Brad Todd and Salena Zito. Why the congressional midterms will be hugely consequential. Get ready for a brutal election about Trump’s racism and authoritarianism.

“the day after this nightmare is over they’re going to tell us it would be too ‘political’ and ‘destructive’ to investigate all the crimes and atrocities currently being committed”.