Why you should give a shit about NATO: Trump thinks NATO is “obsolete” — here’s why he’s wrong. Trump derides NATO as “obsolete” — Baltic nations see it much differently. “They will die in Tallinn”: Estonia girds for war with Russia. These surprising countries could emerge as the heroes of NATO — and the liberal world order. Even the best-case scenario for what Trump does at the NATO summit is pretty grim. Thread: “I don't think we are fully grappling with the possibility that we could be on the on the cusp of a completely new era, a fundamental reshaping of the international order. And I don’t mean over the course of the Trump Administration. I mean by next week”.

Trump is training his base to hate NATO and like Putin. In Trump’s Russia summit, Putin holds all the cards. Roger Cohen on the Finlandization of the United States (and more). No matter what happens in Helsinki, Putin has already won.