Amy Adler and Jeanne C. Fromer (NYU): Taking Intellectual Property into Their Own Hands. Trump appears to be on the lookout for people he can pardon as a way of firing up his base (and more and more). A lesson from twelve boys trapped in a cave and their coach. Despite criminal scandal, Michael Flynn joins consulting firm. AMLO isn’t Mexico’s Trump — nor is he Trump’s natural enemy. In honor of Trump visit, Brits launch campaign to lift “American Idiot” to top of the charts. Turkey’s Erdogan sworn in with new powers, names son-in-law finance minister. Trump’s attack on breastfeeding was outrageous — but it’s normal for the U.S. to put corporate profits above babies’ health. Is Elon Musk serious?

You want to troll French fascists? Tell them the truth — the most French man in the world right now is a black kid called Kylian Mbappe. England’s World Cup team is the anti-Brexit. World Cup 2018: Christopher de Bellaigue on English romance. “If England get beaten, so will she”.