Ian S. Lustick (Penn): Our Own Strength Against Us: The War on Terror as a Self-Inflicted Disaster. From The Hill, an interview with Markos Moulitsas Zuniga. A wiki for the planet: An interview with Clay Shirky on open source environmentalism, and Shirky on gin, television and cognitive surplus. Dexter Filkins on what it’s been like reporting a conflict that never seems to end. The Taxman Cometh: Why do so many people so obediently pay what they owe? Gary Becker investigates. From the Institute for Advanced Studies' new journal Culture, issues on How We Work, Scientism and Ambiguous Distinctions. From The Kenyon Review, Lewis Hyde on being good ancestors: Reflections of arts funding since World War II; and Brian Doyle has become a close student of the rejection note. An article on the malign power of platitudes. From Expositions, a roundtable on Stanley Fish and the Humanities. Songs of freedom: Why music poses a threat to tyrants and overbearing governments. A review of The Making of an Economist, Redux by David Colander. A review of The Case for Greatness: Honorable Ambition and Its Critics by Rober Faulkner. From American Sexuality, a perspective for women of any age: "Why I'd rather sleep with an old guy". From TAP, an article on sex education as liberation: It's time to improve and expand our notion of what sex ed means.