From Osteuropa, an essay on disputed memory: Jewish past, Polish remembrance; from obscurantism to holiness: "Eastern Jewish" thought in Buber, Heschel, and Levinas; and remembrance as balancing act: The public and academic treatment of eastern Europe' s Jewish heritage. From Collegium, Sari Kivisto (Helsinki): G. F. von Franckenau’s Satyra sexta (1674) on Male Menstruation and Female Testicles. From Prospect, where do we go from here? The markets have ruled for a third of a century, but it has all ended in tears — a return to selfish nationalism is possible; if we are to avoid this sombre outcome, we must find ways to rub the rough edges off globalisation; the Mumbai attacks hit India's rich the hardest — they may now take democracy more seriously; through misreadings and mistranslations, the ten commandments have come to be seen as the rantings of a vain and vengeful God — in fact, they are an early blueprint for self-government forged by refugees escaping tyranny; the art of prize-fighting: Prizes are a vital part of the modern market for serious literature, but they're also increasingly flawed and compromised; and a review of The Book of My Enemy: Collected Verse 1958-2003 and Angels Over Elsinore: Collected Verse 2003-2008 by Clive James. Faith and the uniform: Should the military be more open to nonbelievers? Chris Goodall on the 10 big energy myths.