Yvonne Terlingen (AI): The United States and the UN's Targeted Sanctions of Suspected Terrorists: What Role for Human Rights? From PS: Political Science & Politics, a special issue on terrorism and human rights (and more). From Ctheory, Carl Kandutsch on mechanisms of power in the age of terrorism. A review of How Terrorism Ends: Understanding the Decline and Demise of Terrorist Campaigns by Audrey Kurth Cronin. The idea of "unlawful combatancy": A review of The Trouble with Terror: Liberty, Security, and the Response to Terrorism by Tamar Meisels; Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism: Ethics and Liberal Democracy by Seumas Miller; and The Provisional Irish Republican Army and the Morality of Terrorism by Timothy Shanahan. What do you learn at terrorist training camp? Some marksmanship, maybe bomb-making, and a whole lot of indoctrination. Robert Wright on the myth of modern jihad. The case for calling them nitwits: Most terrorists are bungling fools — spread the word. A review of Terrorism: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy by Joseba Zulaika. A look at the economic cost of harboring terrorism. Bank Shot: Nine years after 9/11, getting between extremist groups and their funding remains an uphill struggle. A review of Will Terrorists Go Nuclear? by Brian Michael Jenkins. No Martyr Left Behind: An article on "When Heads Roll: Assessing the Effectiveness of Leadership Decapitation" by Jenna Jordan. As the U.S. struggles to manage its efforts to influence opinion about Al Qaeda abroad, Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula has produced its first English-language propaganda magazine (and more). Is Al Qaeda now just a brand? Islamic terrorism may not have an obvious bad guy any more.