From The Awl, here is a PowerPoint presentation about airport hotels. A review of The Titanic Awards: Celebrating the Worst of Travel by Doug Lansky. As the cable cognoscenti renews its romance with the midcentury executive class, the fashion world is observing its own long-running dalliance with a perennial 20th-century marker of privilege: the global prep complex. Jonah Lehrer on the psychology of conspiracy theories. Atlas Obscura takes a look at the Walter Benjamin Memorial, a haunting monument to the German Jewish philosopher who died while fleeing fascism. "Political scientists make me happy": Ezra Klein on the political science take on elections. From New English Review, Thomas J. Scheff on morality, emotion markers and social change. Can money buy happiness? New research reveals that reminders of wealth impair our capacity to savor life's little pleasures. You're dead, now what? The afterlife is hazardous territory for scholarly conjecture. From television to feature films, funnyman Ed Helms enjoys upending ideology almost as much as he enjoys playing music. In recent years, the subculture known as the Furry Fandom has been the subject of episodes of Entourage and CSI, and profiled in Vanity Fair. Is being a geek a personality trait or way of life? Libraries are reducing their reference collections as more reference titles move online — not all library patrons are happy about the move.