Kenneth Vail (Missouri), Matt Motyl (Virginia), Abdolhossein Abdollahi (Limerick), and Tom Pyszczynski (Colorado): Dying to Live: Terrorism, War, and Defending One's Way of Life. Matt Motyl (Virginia) and Tom Pyszczynski (Colorado): An Analysis of the Existential Underpinnings of the Cycle of Terrorist and Counterterrorist Violence and Pathways to Peaceful Resolutions. Robert Braun (Amsterdam): Diffusing Human Bombs: The Role of Cultural Resonance in the Spread of Suicide Terrorism. Al-Qaeda is putting the final touches to plans to recruit, train and launch Western Caucasians in their countries. Jack Goldsmith on how there is no quick way to dispel the legal murk surrounding terror detainees, but these five ideas could let in some light. A review of The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict between America and Al-Qaeda by Peter Bergen (and more and more and more and more). The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: You don't know his name, and you've never seen his face, but this year, as America leaves Iraq for good after eight years of war, we also leave behind a man believed by our military and intelligence agencies to be the best terrorist hunter alive. A review of Osama bin Laden by Michael Scheuer (and more and more). An interview with Matthew Alexander, author of Kill or Capture: How a Special Operations Task Force Took Down a Notorious Al Qaeda Terrorist. Can Al Qaeda survive the revolts? Bruce Riedel on how the revolutions will affect the future of global jihad (and more). Research suggests systematically more foreign attacks on Americans come from nations which are more militarily dependent on US military aid, US arms imports and US personnel stationed there. The Boy from Gitmo: Mohammed Jawad became a man in a military prison — and then we set him free (and more).